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The New Chemical Synthesis Institute (INS) is applying to obtain a logo „Human Resources Excellence in Research” (HR logo). Awarding the HR logo is one of the activities of the European Commission in the framework of the strategy “Human Resources Strategy for Researchers” (HRS4R). This strategy aims at increasing the attractiveness of researchers' working conditions contained in “European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of  Researchers” (Charter and Code). These activities are focused on raising the quality of scientific research and support the work of researchers at INS. Based on the conducted analysis, 12 principles were identified, out of 40 principles contained in the Charter and Code where certain actions are to be taken in order to eliminate existing gaps. The Action Plan was proposed in order to ensure and/or improve conformity with the Charter and Code principles. The New Chemical Syntheses Institute will take all necessary measures, specified in the Action Plan, to assure consistency of rules prevailing in the Institute with the principles of the Charter and Code.

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