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Analytical and testing

  • comprehensive chemical and physicochemical analysis of solids, liquids and gases
    - Analytical Department
  • environmental testing – water, air, wastes, industrial effluent - Analytical Department
  • inorganic fertilizers, plant growing aids – quality assessment according to Polish and European fertilizer regulations, registration documentation - Analytical Department
  • conformity verification of fertilizers denoted as „EC Fertilizer” and issuance of INS certificates
    - Analytical Department
  • chemical and physicochemical analyses of inorganic substances which are going to be registered in REACH system - Analytical Department
  • thermal analyses TG/DTG i DSC - IChN Division in Gliwice (Analytical Laboratory)
  • microscopic analyses of crystals and particles (optical microscope)
    - IChN Division in Gliwice (Analytical Laboratory)




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